Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Elai x 2015

Looking back on how my 2015 went gives me butterflies and heart pumping emotions, it may sound cliché but this year's been a rollercoaster ride for me, its feels like i was sitting in front from the world's most-dangerous-but-greatest-roller- coaster-ride-ever! haha. really thrilling and i just cant put my emotions through words. 

I have thousands of photos for this year but here's a few of my favorite photos for 2015. :)

BaguioCity x PhotoDiary

What I love the most about Christmas is that I get to spend more quality time with my family and friends. This year's celebration is a little different from my previous ones because we went up north where the weather is really cold - I live in the Southern part of Manila and its always hot there so yey for cold weather. haha - Whats more greater is that I get to spend the holiday vacation with my family AND my friends! ❤️

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

FlyWithMe x StayAwesomeAndGreat

A friend of mine was reading Maine Mendoza's blog earlier, and since I'm a fan too, I tried searching it and got a glimpse of how Maine is as person - she is really deep, humble and true to herself - no wonder people admire and love the other half of Aldub♥  

As I was scrolling and reading her old posts, I suddenly had the urge to make a few changes here and felt like I should try to update this blog more often. haha. So I changed the  title to "Stay Awesome and Great" because that's what I've been trying to tell everyone lately, and its more me than the previous "Fly with Me", haha. :P

Old Banner:


New Banner:

What do you think? A little Change is good right? I feel like this page is more me now. hihi.

E L A I.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Tara Squad x Laguna

They say that "Unexpected friendships are usually the best ones". I never imagined that I'll have these people as my new set of friends in the workplace and consider as family.  Things were quite blurry on how "TARA SQUAD" began, all I remember was it all started with the word " T-A-R-A" and then we all become inseparable. (hahaha. hi guyths!)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Sudden Thoughts x Feelings

I’m the kind of person who would rather give out random hugs and be clingy when I’m happy or just keep quiet and not talk to anyone if I’m the opposite. I’m not really good in expressing my thoughts into words, but I just want to try and write down everything that is running on my head at the moment, because even I no longer hear myself.

The past few weeks for me is a constant battle of “what am I doing”, “why am I doing this”, “what will happen next”, “is this the right thing to do”, “who should I follow then”, “why does my heart betrays my mind”, “prioritize this then ignore that” “did I made the right choice” and “what will tomorrow be like”. I didn’t know that feelings could change in just a finger snap, nor even picture myself in this kind of whirl winding emotion. Every day is like a dream that is on fast forward, but would always slowdown and torment me at night. 

I didn’t know that the life that I’ve planned before would turn out differently from what I’ve expected. Whatever the universe wants me to learn today from these sudden thoughts and feelings, i know and I’m really hoping that in a year or two from now, I’m going to look back at this decision and be thankful that this has happened to me.

Cheers for more life surprises! ha ha. ♥

xo, elaii.

Monday, October 26, 2015

park x heart

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hello Suprises

I love surprises, well who doesn't right? But sometimes, I can't understand how the universe works, every time I ask and pray for something specific, it would give me a different and unexpected response, so different that instead of having my prayers get answers, I end up getting a new challenge that would give me mixed emotions and thoughts. Maybe the universe is just fond of giving me unexpected surprises, or maybe I am up for new turning point in life or I am in for a big life lesson. I really can't understand why is this happening to me right NOW. I just hope that in the future, I would look back at this "surprise" and will be smiling at it for giving me this epic bolt out of the blue.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bohol x Man Made Forest (Bilar)

An attraction that doesn't have an entrance fee, but requires a lot of courage and buwis bahay photography skills! haha. We were told that this is the first and only man-made forest in the Philippines and is composed mainly of Mahogany Trees so don't expect to hear birds chirping everywhere.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bohol x Tarsier Sanctuary

As I was saying on my previous post, upon arriving in Tagbilaran Airport, we went straight to our day tour and explore the City of Friendship, we had our own itinerary but kuya driver insist that we should see the Famous Tarsier’s first, so we all agreed to him since he’s the one familiar with the place and well he’s our tour guide/driver! Haha. :P

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bohol x City of Friendship

Finally, after a year of not posting or updating any travel related post in this little space of mine, here's my first entry for my #elaitraveldiary this year. :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hello 22 x Future

A few days ago, I turned 22, and instead of having any birthday blues and a big birthday celebration, I feel so loved by everyone and really thankful to spend it with the people close to my heart. I have written down a few things and imagined what I want for my future to be like. Haha! I was told before that if you have a dream and wants to achieve it, you should write it on a piece of paper or cut out pictures of it and pin or post it where you can always see it. Because that way, you will always be reminded and be motivated to do everything for it.

 And as for me, here are just a few from my list. Haha. The things my heart’s desire to achieve 20 – 30 years from now, (dreaming is free, no judging please!) :)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Perfectly Imperfect

When you said something hurtful about an individual and feels guilty afterwards, just think that you are not perfect. That you are a human being who is destined to make mistakes unintentionally and make others feel that you’re a “what-is-wrong-with-you” kind of person. In times like this, saying sorry (with sincerity of course!) is the most simplest but the effective and right way to make things right. It may take a lot of courage to admit that what you did was wrong but it will make things better, and slowly, you’ll feel okay too.
Sharing you words of wisdom from my super-duper great friend, and hope it’ll brighten your day. ♥
“good thing we have to recognize what we really really feel. kasi what you can feel you can heal. Maswerte ka kasi narerecognize mo agad yung bad feelings mo. pag you feel bad. you feel angry or fearful. yung iba dito hinde. binuburry nila yung emotions nila. nakakatakot yun. Nakakakaba. natutunan ko yan while staying here. you've got to confront those negative feelings. and be loving to them. inner child mo kasi yun eh. inner child mo na nakaramdam ng abandonment, neglect, fear ng bata ka pa."  -- Thina Salome.  (Visit her blog too! ♥)

Friday, March 6, 2015

A Military Wedding #JoyOfRye

A few moths ago, I have witnessed A Military Wedding, and it proved me that true love really exist despite the distance and could survive everything through faith, love and understanding even without communication for weeks or months. #JoyOfRye’s wedding makes me appreciate our soldiers even more especially their fiancé/spouses because they are so fearless for accepting and embracing all their loved ones has to go through just to give service for our country. A big Salute for our own Soldiers and their spouses! ♥♥

Friday, February 27, 2015

Stop and Count

One of my mantra in my everyday life is to always, ALWAAAYS, look at the positive side of everything. But I guess we all need to have a break from being too optimistic and feel sad at times, so we could learn to grow and know more about ourselves. In times of uneasiness like this, we tend to question the universe such as “Why does it has to be this way?” or “Why are they like that?” or “Where did I go wrong?”.. I think its perfectly fine to feel this way, because, it only shows that you are a human being capable of getting hurt. Just close your eyes, count 1 to ten, inhale love, then exhale hate. Im sure you’ll be fine after doing this :)

I don’t know if these post makes sense to you, but I just need to let this negativity out of my system. And so far, im already feeling better. Hihi. 

 Hoping for everyone to have a fun Friday night! ♥


Elai ;)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Bucket list ❤

Rereading my 2014 bucket list makes me go “What was I thinking when I was writing this one?” haha, I know what I wrote is all impossible to achieve in just one year especially my Travel Bucket-list, and have crossed out just a few, but this year, I will make sure to do at least half of it. :P So I am rewriting it and adding new “achievable” things to do for this year. :)
 Since I’m turning 22 this year, I’ll just write down 22 things for my bucket list this year. ♥

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