Monday, May 26, 2014

Camp Calye Flight P314 - College Alabang (Video)

If you were reading and following this blog for some time now, you will remember my post about how breathtaking the location we had was during our Camp Calye P314, now im going to share the video so you could see how much fun we had during those 4 days with God while having a great time!

Credits to kuya Godwin Gasacao for the video. hehe :)

Can't wait for next year's Camp Calye! <3

Elai :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I am worth the Wait

I saw this article from the magazine FISH - December 2013 Issue and I suddenly had the urge to immediately share it to all of you, haha. i dedicate this post for those who think they are not complete whenever they are not in a relationship, to those who are losing hope in finding their soul mate, i hope you'll have the chance to read this article here in my blog because this is really a good read :)

This article was written by Dana Jane Naval.
To know more about Jason and Crystalina Evert, visit :)
Hope this article inspired you, God Bless! ❤

Elai :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

To my sexy momma, my bff, my twin sister, my mini wallet, my fashion critic, fitness instructor, house mommy, and a whole lot more! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MA ❤ As much as i wanted to make this long and very dramtic, i'll just keep this greeting sweet and simple (just like you!) Thankyou for everything, especially whenever you prioritize us first before yourself, for all the understanding, and for the long patience you give us every single day to the never ending love and care. 

ps, sorry Ma wala akong gift, next time promise, ako naman mang ii-spoil sainyo ni Papa. :) Iloveyou so much Ma! i'll make you proud soon, kayo ni papa. Smile smile lang, love love love! Look up, look up, shake shake shake. Haha. :* ❤❤

Elai :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Camp Scenery

Ahh, i suddenly remembered our Flight P314, i've never felt this inspired and motivated since i got home from the camp. I miss the ilog, the trees, the chirping birds, the stairs,the 5mins ligo, the grass, the tent, everything from the campsite! Those endless laughters, the tears we have shed, the stories made, the praises and worships from the soul, most especially PepsiViolet! Grabee, in just four days, iba yung naging bond, sobrang SOLID, ang saya lang, sobrang gaan sa pakiramdam na makasama sila, parang meant to be na magsama sama kami. :") Haha! Hello guys,miss ko na kayooo ❤

Here are some sceneries from our camp, all photo credits goes to those who took them, kuya IC, Kuya Godwin, kuya Dan, Kuya JC, and yung iba pa. I just grabbed this from our group. hehe :) 


Unexpected Motivation

As i was browsing my Facebook earlier, i saw this shared link on my news feed that goes "10 Things You Need To Tell Yourself In Order To Survive A Quarter-Life Crisis" i've decided to open the link and as I was reading, i was nodding and saying yes to every number and word in the article, i feel like the article is directly speaking to me. I want to say thankyou to Ms. Samantha Matt for writing this well said and very motivating article, I wasn't expecting to feel this good and be motivated at this hour of the day (im about to sleep actually. haha) its like all my graduation blues vanished, that all my thoughts and feelings about this new chapter of mine become more clearer and i feel relaxed. :)

For those who are in their 20's out there that feels like they are worthless and feeling whatever, here's a good read. Hope this will make you feel better and be inspired! :) 


"Welcome to your mid 20s: home of the quarter-life crisis. You’re getting older, you’re supposed to be getting wiser and the pressure to grow into a responsible adult is in full swing.
However, there’s no need to freak out about it all; you should be enjoying this time in your life. So grab a glass of wine, take a deep breath and remind yourself of the following 10 things over and over again.
Everything will (maybe) feel better afterward.

1. You’re not special.

After years of getting trophies just because your parents signed you up for dance class or the local soccer league, of course you feel like you should be recognized for every little thing you do. I mean, how could you not? There are entire ceremonies dedicated to the fact that YOU graduated from high school and college. Some people even have their own graduation parties where everyone celebrates the fact that they accomplished something most other people also accomplish.
After you’re done with school and you’ve entered the real world, things get real. No one wants to celebrate you, no one wants to compliment you and no one wants to give you a job. This might hurt, but once you realize that you’re not special, rejection will feel normal and will only make you feel stronger.

2. Everyone is not having more fun than you are just because it looks like it on Facebook and Instagram.

Most people can make their lives look interesting and awesome by uploading photos and using emojis. I’m sure you’ve made other people think you were having more fun than them on social media with your tagged photos from Saturday night. To you, those updates weren’t that special, but to the person on his or her couch, binge watching Netflix and feeling lonely, those updates make you look like a God.
Pictures might say 1,000 words, but your 1,000 Facebook friends probably don’t know what any of those words actually are.

3. You DO have friends.

After enduring years of forced social time (school), you might feel lonely when you graduate from college and that ends. You start working and since (most) jobs do not provide forced social time, you’ll feel as though you’re not socializing at all. But you are socializing — just not as much. You have people you can call to go shopping and get drinks and anything else you want to do. Just because this isn’t a weekly or daily occurrence doesn’t mean you don’t have friends.
You’re busy; they’re busy. That’s life. You might (and you probably do) have fewer friends than you did during and before college, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have friends.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Don’t feel bad because you don’t have “as good of a job as so-and-so.” Don’t beat yourself up because so-and-so (supposedly) makes way more money than you do (I mean, maybe he or she does, but people tend to lie about their salaries). Don’t feel like you have to enter a relationship, go out for a night on the town, or get engaged just because other people are doing it.
Do YOU. This isn’t a race; this is life. If you keep doing you, eventually, everything will fall into place. No two people are the same.

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