Monday, July 24, 2017

Life Surprises x Redundant Feeling

Ola! It's been xx months since i've written something here. For those of you who happens to read this article, why thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy reading in this little space of mine. 🤘🏼

BUT again, just a little disclaimer for my new readers (HAHA. Feelingera alert!) I'm not one of those bloggers who blogs about a certain topic or video blog about whatever they're doing on a daily basis, it's just my little space where I tend to write and practice my english grammar, haha. So in case you find grammatical errors, pasenxia na po. I'm just here to blabber my thoughts out, as well as to share nonsense blah blah, so read on if you're still interested. xoxo


Same time last year, I was mentally preparing myself on how will I quit my 1st job in the so called "real world". Honestly, it was hard for me to let go since Accenture became my safe haven. Everything back there became a part of my system, like a routine that makes me rant about how and why am I doing something that's too far from my degree, but as soon as I began to found friends that turned into families, Boy I am telling you, everything feels like magic. Haha. Feels like all the stress from work doesn't matter anymore, feels like I am getting paid by the company to see my friends, watch Kdrama's, and have a good time. Hehe. But what I like the most from this experience is that I get to know myself a little better. (Hi TSQ and Tolonggoys and Swanehhhhhs!) ❤️

Fast forward to November 2016, a new blessing in disguise was given to me, I was given a job offer from Civicom: DAN, I wouldn't go further on the process and details on what I do there, but it really pushed me to practice and be strict with time management, haha. for those who knew me before, I am one of those people who's always late. And Elai spells L-A-T-E. During my first week, I already felt I don't belong there, but of course as days and weeks went on, I had this feeling na "OMG this place is amazing pala. I think I will be staying here for a long term na" haha. Strangers also became friends, and as soon as I have adjusted, everything feels familiar, parang naulit yung feelings ko with Accenture, I began to enjoy the people and the events (esp cutie pies don hehehe) but life has it's own way of making me feel like "Bakit ganon, kung kelan naman okay na ko dito. Dun mag bibigay ng panibagong surprise" I'm not complaining though, I'm always thankful. Hehe. I may have left Civicom ng biglaan, and 6 months is 6 months, all the hardwork and OT gaming is real, but guysz, you will all have a special place in my heart. #TeamDMW #Bangbangislife #EverwingAddicts #CutiePieAlert hahaha ❤️

So basically, this post is about saying thank you and reminiscing my old colleagues. Hehe. (Nakakamiss na kasi kayo masyado. Magpakita naman kayo sakin pls.) 

Anyway going back, same time last year, I was preparing myself to conclude my first job ever, and right now, I don't know if it's just a coincidence but in a few weeks time, I will be hopping on to a new journey that I've been waiting since all my life. Haha. I've never expected something this amazing would happen to me, I was trying my best before, as in always giving my 110% pero sabi nga nila, "Trust his timing" He knows when to give you what your heart truly desires. So Thank you Papa G. The best ka talaga ❤️

I will be writing a separate post for that something, but for now, let me say thank you and i miss you to all those people who made my work life fun, exciting and worth remembering. You guys know who you are. Mwa mwa! 😘💞


Thanks for reading mga besy. xo

See you on to my next blog post? Hehe 

Best Regards,

Elai ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Konichiwa Japan!

JAPAN. I cannot describe how happy i am to be here in the land of the rising sun. The moment I step out of the plane, it felt like the cold breeze gave me a welcome hug.

Sharing a few photos on our first day! 


I've got a lot of videos here on my phone, aaand I super can't wait to edit and make our Japan travel vlog. Haha. Anyway, I will try to edit this post when I get back in our hotel since im just taking advantage of the free wifi. The internet connection here is soooo awesome and great. AS IN! Kaka click ko palang ng share/post button, uploaded na agad. Haha. Yuuun lungss. 

Stay happy everyone! 

E L A I.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tara x Tagaytay

When you got friends that is game for an adventure anytime. :)


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

23 x BirthMonth

March will always be my most favorite month of the year, mainly because it’s my birth month and it makes me feel like summer is just around the corner. Hihi.

Of all the birthday celebrations I’ve had, this year’s been the most simplest so far – don’t get me wrong here, I’M EXTREMELY GRATEFUL that people took effort to plan a surprise for me, I already knew it, naghihintay na lang ako kung kelan ako bibigyan ng cake (assuming I know) pero shocks talaga, nasurprise pa din talaga ako eh! haha! God knows how thankful I am that I’ve got to receive countless birthday greetings and so much love from everyone – people even wrote letters for me! Haha. Im so touched guyths, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you!


The main reason I’m writing here is because I just want to write down the greatest life lessons I’ve learned so far in this universe of ours:

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Stuck x Traffic

Everybody hates traffic, that’s a fact. But right now, I’m a little thankful that I’ve been stuck here along SLEX - C5 exit (while doing nothing for almost an hour already!) Because I was able to shake the kagagahan out of my system and made a few life realizations. Haha. So just for today, yey for traffic! :}

Traffic can make you think of crazy and unnecessary thoughts right? Like you just want to curse and give everyone a bitch resting face, or if only you can make your car fly, you would definitely make it fly in a finger snap. Right now, I am still sandwiched between two scary looking trucks, and as funny as it may sound I made a “hugot” on my situation earlier. Yes I talk to myself at times. Haha. As I shout my heart out “Ano ba yan, lagi na lang akong nasa gitna, lagi na lang ako naiipit, bakit lagi akong ganito” (“Why is that I’m always stuck, I’m always in the middle, Why does it feels like I’m always trapped?”) I immediately laugh at myself for doing nonsense things on my own. HAHA :}

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Stupid Cupid

And just like that were now on the second month of the year – to which almost everyone call “LOVE MONTH” – I may sound bitter here, but hey, the universe is pushing me to be one right now. Haha! I can't sleep so might as well do some “blogging” and “write” a few of my thoughts since a lot of things has been running over my mind lately. Well this blogpost is purely one of those senseless rant of mine, to which I sometimes call life observation, or a sapak from the universe. AAAND im writing mainly because I want to say how thankful yet irritated I am on how Mr. Cupid is really a mean guy.

Hey there Mr. Cupid,
Good Day! I just want to say that you're doing a great job on pairing people out there, my heart flutters everytime i see sweet gestures from couples especially from the old ones. I am super kinikilig and a (little) jealous that some of my friends are celebrating Valentines Day with flowers and chocolates and sweetness and loving partners.
I may sound sarcastic right now but trust me im trying not to, haha. in fact i do believe in f o r e v e r! (nawowork out ang forever noh!) I just cant help but wonder, why do you keep on shooting hearts and let the other one go to a different direction? why cant you just shoot and arrow two happy hearts and let them be awesome together? are you fond of making someone miserable by letting them feel that one sided love exists? why do you pair two people and let them fall and grow apart? or maybe your too lazy with whatever youre doing so you just shoot hearts randomly? 
As much as ive wanted to scream at your face and punch you really hard, (and even shake every cell from you) i still want you to know that despite of this loveshits your throwing at me, im glad and willing to embrace every single pain from it, because i know that parallel to this is a lesson i know will make a mark on me, that this "pain" or whatever you call this pagiinarte, will make me better and stronger. 
So yeah, that's just it. Just releasing unnecessary thoughts from my system. Haha. Here's to celebrating this year's Valentines Day with a stressful mind and a foolish heart! :}

P.S. Please don't get me wrong stupid cupid, I don't hate you. I know you're just doing your job. 


E L A I.  ♥


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

DarkStar x Emotions

I've been listening to these albums since last night, I don't know how and why but it feels like James Young and Carly Rae Jepsen is translating my emotions and thoughts into words and music. haha!

My most favorite in James Young's Dark Sky is "Habits of My Heart", "Two More Minutes", and "We Won't"

While in Carly Rae's Emotion, I super love it all, but if I were to choose my most favorite, I think it would be "Run Away With Me", "Favorite Colour", "Emotion", "Lets Get Lost", and "Your Type"

Listening to these songs makes my heart flutter and pound in a different way. haha. Well im just sharing my playlist. boredom makes you do weird and talk about nonsense stuffs right?
How about you? What's your favorite album lately? ♥

E L A I.

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