Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Let your Will be done

Guess what! I passed the initial interview yesterday! Whohooo! *insert happy dance here* One step closer to my dream, hihi. I didn't expect/plan to do something like this back when i was still studying, and i never thought that i will be given an opportunity like this. Well, everything happens for a reason and everybody starts from the bottom, and I know that God is giving me opportunities like this for me to learn and improve my skills and whatever he wants me to improve.

Im hoping that i would nail this final interview later. Let your will be done Lord! Kakaya natin to ng magkasama :) ❤

Sharing you some words of success from my Calendar and Daily Bread Cards. :) 

it seems like my Calender and Daily Bread are speaking to me directly. haha. :D
Wish me luck guys! ❤

Elai :)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ask and you shall Receive

Yesterday i was reminded by the universe that "Everything really happens for a reason". I had a veryy busy day last weekend, and I never thought that my saturday errands would be connected to my sunday activities. I would not elaborate further, but we usually hear the mass every 3:30pm and since my brother was assigned to participate in the high mass, we attended the 6pm mass. And much to our surprise, Father Rolly was the priest presider, our favorite priest! And we saw The Cruz brothers, Rayver and Rodjun. Haha. Im not really a super fan of artists, but hey, they both dance really good and are soo good looking and macho brothers, so yeah :D

Anyway, Prayers can really do wonders! During the mass yesterday, i listened attentively to the homily and prayed with sincerity. I lifted up everything, my dreams, my doubts, my insecurities, and asked for guidance, "ikaw na bahala Lord" i told him. And this morning, wala pang 24 hours, i received a text message, and boy oh boy! I was invited for an interview. Ang galing talaga niya! I had mixed emotions after reading the text messages over and over, and said to myself na, "Eto na yun! Eto na yung simula, haha!" I know that God's dreams for me is bigger than my own. 

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

I really hope i could pull off the interview tomorrow, I hope that i would excel and pass it. I know I can, nothing is impossible through him! Wish me luck ❤

Elai :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

To my Papa, 

one of the greatest macho papa in thee world everr! ❤

Thank you for everything, for all the hardwork, blood, sweat, tears and time you've spent just to provide us the best of the very best! I know I haven't achieved anything grand yet, but soon i will. Promise yan! All your dreams for me, i will work really really reaally hard to achieve them. :)

 Stay fit and be healthy always! iloveyou so much Macho Papa. I will forever be grateful for having a father like you! :)

Happy Father's Day! Love love loooooove! <3

Elai :) ❤

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2014 Bucketlist ❤ UPDATE!

Can you believe it? Year 2014 is 6 months old already, time really flies fast! And its time for me to update my 2014 Bucketlist and see if i was halfway through it. haha!

Graduate College. Photo diary here :) 

~ Fly a Kite.

~ Be confident when speaking in English. (Observing my english proficiency, Im not really that good in speaking in english fluently and when speaking it out orally, i stutter A LOT most of the time! Haha)

Learn and speak a new language, specifically Ilocano and Spanish, or maybe French, or German, Korean, Japanese, and my list goes on. haha :P

~ Boracay Beach Body. No explanation needed, who wouldn't want one right?

~ Receive flowers on an ordinary day. (Surprises makes me Happy. haha. *ehem ehem* )

Maintain the cleanliness in my room and improve the OC-kind-of-person in me. 

Attend a summer camp. Please see my photo diary for this one here :) 

~ Dinner on a cruise with matching fireworks fireworks. 

~ Bungee Jumping!

~ Sleep under the stars again.

~ Get my OJT Certificate. (almost half a year ko na siyang hindi nakukuha. haha)

Make 20 Laps in a 50m pool. 

~ Grow my hair to 30inches.

~ Skydiving

~ Attend a concert

~ Build a giant sand castle.

~ Buy flowers for Mama.

~ Buy something for Papa,

~ Catch a fish.

~ Learn how to surf

~ Learn to say "NO"

~ Learn to play Billiards.

~ Plant a Tree.

~ Send a message in a bottle.

Start your own business. (please do shop @EveryythingNice ^__^ ) 

~ Color Fun Run marathon.

~ Donate blood.

Dance in the rain.

~ Play billiards.

~ Find a job.

For my Wanderlust Dream:

TRAVEL OVERSEAS, i know its impossible for me to cross out at least half from this list this year, but who knows right? Maybe I might (and MUST! Haha) Nothing is Impossible ❤ #praying
   * Japan
   * Korea
   * Paris
   * New York
   * Thailand
   * Egypt
   * Dubai
   * Africa
   * Greece
   * China
   * Spain
   * Disney Land

Quiapo Fiesta *Makasampa sa andas ni Nazareno, or mahawakan yung lubid.  

~ Have a tour around Intramuros. Funny how im studying within the vicinity of Intramuros for 4 years now, and i still haven't got the chance to roam around like tourists do

Visit and explore Boracay. This includes the different activities that i could do there such as Cliff Diving, Parasailing, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Jetskiing, and as usual, my list goes on. haha! 

~ Visit 21 different churches in a month before my 21st birthday. 

~ Visit Palawan's Underground River and the so called magestic Coron. 

~ Baguio, Strawberry Farm ❤

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