Sunday, March 16, 2014

Graduation Photos BTS

In a few weeks from now, I will be graduating college aaand im having mixed emotions about it. haha. Im excited, im scared, feeling giddy, and Clueless, thats exactly how i define my self right now, I still dont know what should I do after graduation, or where would i be a few months from now, my goal is really clear and shining bright like a diamond, but i dont know, maybe you call this graduation blues? Haha. im still not ready for the real world. I dont want to leave college yet, i still need to improve my selfconfidence, boost my self esteem more, be confident with everything, and be pretty! Haha. Ive got a lot of things I still need to improve BUT! I know that I can do it, i WILL achieve it, through my determination, with God beside me, i will focus more and accept my flaws and love myself more. Haha. ❤✈🙏

Thesis It

Sleepless nights, stressful days, cramming moments, endless revisions, superb multi tasking, unli kwentuhan, memorable overnights, bankruptcy, data gatherings, going out for surveys, meeting different kinds of people, praying that everything will be alright, non stop preparations, memorizing and studying for defense, and the list goes on. These are just a few of the hardships one would encounter whenever doing a Thesis.

In my case, I am so happy, very lucky, and thankful to have my close friends as my thesis-mates. They did not only taught me the meaning of responsibility but they also taught me that friendship together with trust, love, understanding, and prayer.. we could conquer and achieve anything that is possible. :) 

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