Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hello 22 x Future

A few days ago, I turned 22, and instead of having any birthday blues and a big birthday celebration, I feel so loved by everyone and really thankful to spend it with the people close to my heart. I have written down a few things and imagined what I want for my future to be like. Haha! I was told before that if you have a dream and wants to achieve it, you should write it on a piece of paper or cut out pictures of it and pin or post it where you can always see it. Because that way, you will always be reminded and be motivated to do everything for it.

 And as for me, here are just a few from my list. Haha. The things my heart’s desire to achieve 20 – 30 years from now, (dreaming is free, no judging please!) :)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Perfectly Imperfect

When you said something hurtful about an individual and feels guilty afterwards, just think that you are not perfect. That you are a human being who is destined to make mistakes unintentionally and make others feel that you’re a “what-is-wrong-with-you” kind of person. In times like this, saying sorry (with sincerity of course!) is the most simplest but the effective and right way to make things right. It may take a lot of courage to admit that what you did was wrong but it will make things better, and slowly, you’ll feel okay too.
Sharing you words of wisdom from my super-duper great friend, and hope it’ll brighten your day. ♥
“good thing we have to recognize what we really really feel. kasi what you can feel you can heal. Maswerte ka kasi narerecognize mo agad yung bad feelings mo. pag you feel bad. you feel angry or fearful. yung iba dito hinde. binuburry nila yung emotions nila. nakakatakot yun. Nakakakaba. natutunan ko yan while staying here. you've got to confront those negative feelings. and be loving to them. inner child mo kasi yun eh. inner child mo na nakaramdam ng abandonment, neglect, fear ng bata ka pa."  -- Thina Salome.  (Visit her blog too! ♥)

Friday, March 6, 2015

A Military Wedding #JoyOfRye

A few moths ago, I have witnessed A Military Wedding, and it proved me that true love really exist despite the distance and could survive everything through faith, love and understanding even without communication for weeks or months. #JoyOfRye’s wedding makes me appreciate our soldiers even more especially their fiancé/spouses because they are so fearless for accepting and embracing all their loved ones has to go through just to give service for our country. A big Salute for our own Soldiers and their spouses! ♥♥

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