Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bohol x Tarsier Sanctuary

As I was saying on my previous post, upon arriving in Tagbilaran Airport, we went straight to our day tour and explore the City of Friendship, we had our own itinerary but kuya driver insist that we should see the Famous Tarsier’s first, so we all agreed to him since he’s the one familiar with the place and well he’s our tour guide/driver! Haha. :P

The travel time from Tagbilaran Airport going to Tarsier Sanctuary would be 30 – 45 mins (if my memory is right). 

You will have to pay Php 60 per head for the entrance fee and that includes the guide and the tour inside. Make sure to be quiet as possible because Tarsiers are nocturnal, they are  only active and wide awake during 5pm onwards.

At the end of the tour inside the Tarsier Sanctuary, there is a "Pasalubong Corner" where you can buy Tarsier collectibles such as key chains, bags, bracelets, etc. 

Here's a tip that kuya driver told us: If you have a limited budget or if you want to buy those cute keychains in bulk or for a discounted price, buy from the Hanging Bridge instead since its less cheaper to buy there. But based on my experience, i think that it is more cheaper to buy those keyvhains and other pasalubongs from BQ MALL (Bohol Quality Mall) at their Arts and Crafts section, 2nd floor.

Elai :)


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