Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 Bucketlist ❤ :)

For my first blogpost this 2014, i am listing all the things i want to try and achieve, and the places that i want to visit and explore this year. Im crossing my fingers and reallyyyyyyy hoping to cross out at least half of it. :)  i might also update this post once in a while since i know that i will be adding more thingssssssss to try and visit new placesssss this year. haha.

but for now, here's a list to start a few . :)

~ Graduate College

~ Fly a Kite.

~ Be confident when speaking in English. (Observing my english proficiency, Im not really that good in speaking in english fluently and when speaking it out orally, i stutter A LOT most of the time! Haha)

~ Learn and speak a new language, specifically Ilocano and Spanish, or maybe French, or German, Korean, Japanese, and my list goes on. haha :P

~ Boracay Beach Body. No explanation needed, who wouldn't want one right?

~ Receive flowers on an ordinary day. (Surprises makes me Happy. haha. *ehem ehem* )

~ Maintain the cleanliness in my room and improve the OC-kind-of-person in me. 

~ Attend a summer camp

~ Dinner on a cruise with matching fireworks fireworks. 

~ Bungee Jumping!

~ Sleep under the stars again.

~ Get my OJT Certificate. (almost half a year ko na siyang hindi nakukuha. haha)

~ Make 20 Laps in a 50m pool. 

~ Grow my hair to 30inches.

~ Skydiving

~ Attend a concert

~ Build a giant sand castle.

~ Buy flowers for Mama.

~ Buy something for Papa,

~ Catch a fish.

~ Learn how to surf

~ Learn to say "NO"

~ Learn to play Billiards.

~ Plant a Tree.

~ Send a message in a bottle.

~ Start your own business. (please do shop @EveryythingNice ^__^ ) 

~ Color Fun Run marathon.

~ Donate blood.

~ Dance in the rain.

~ Play billiards.

~ Find a job.

For my Wanderlust Dream:

~ TRAVEL OVERSEAS, i know its impossible for me to cross out at least half from this list this year, but who knows right? Maybe I might (and MUST! Haha) Nothing is Impossible ❤ #praying
   * Japan
   * Korea
   * Paris
   * New York
   * Thailand
   * Egypt
   * Dubai
   * Africa
   * Greece
   * China
   * Spain
   * Disney Land

~ Makasampa sa andas ni Nazareno, or mahawakan yung lubid.  
01.09.14// I was this close to crossing out this one in my bucketlist, we were just a few feet away from the Black Nazarene and a few inches from the Rope. I was really tempted to run and join the crowd in touching him or just try to hold the Lubid, but i wasn't able to do it because my Mama said that its too dangerous and we dont have any experiences with overcrowded moments like that :( Maybe i'll try and prepare for next year or the year after next year. Haha. Who knows right? I might, and maybe Someday, i will. 

isn't it ironic that i just wrote this earlier and happens to almost crossed this one out today as well. :") (P.S. im considering this one as half done kasi yung face towel na hinagis ko sa andas ni Nazareno, bumalik sakin! And napunas ni kuya yun sa mukha and kamay ni Nazareno! haha) #blessed

~ Have a tour around Intramuros. Funny how im studying within the vicinity of Intramuros for 4 years now, and i still haven't got the chance to roam around like tourists do

~ Visit and explore Boracay. This includes the different activities that i could do there such as Cliff Diving, Parasailing, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Jetskiing, and as usual, my list goes on. haha! 

~ Visit 21 different churches in a month before my 21st birthday. 

~ Visit Palawan's Underground River and the so called magestic Coron. 

~ Baguio, Strawberry Farm ❤

_ this would be my list for now, i will updated this soon :)


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