Saturday, June 1, 2013

Experience is the best teacher

Here's a photo diary of how my OJT (on-the-job-training) in Saudi Arabian Airlines went! This will just be a quick over view since I have over 300 pictures! Aaaaaand, it was so hard to choose which pictures should i share but here they are, where i spent most of my Summer 2013. :)


    Passenger Entrance

    Departure Area 

    SV Check-in Counters


   Duty Free 

    Boarding Gate

    SV Aircraft

I have this dream to be a pilot someday. Aaand I know, it will just be a dream. masyadong mahal mag pilot eh. haha. but who knows right? Nothing is impossible. :)

New found friends. ❤ 

 One bonus of an OJT trainee at an Airport is you get to meet a few celebreties 😜

    One of the sweetest celebrity couple i know, Mr. John Lloyd Cruz && Ms. Angelica Panganiban. :')

    Mr. Piolo Pascual

   Mr. Aga Muhlach

    Mr. Derek Ramsay, kahit blurred okay lang at least naka hug pa din! :-)

I can't believe that I already finished my 300 hour requirement, time really flies fast when you're havng a good time. I really want to stay longer because I will miss all the SV Staff. :( From our supervisors, to the Agents, the Gallants, the Porters, and my co-ojt's whom I've spent most of my summer vacation with. They have become my kuya's and ate's for a short period of time but I will never EVER forget them. I have improved my self-confidence and self esteem because of these people. hihi. The stress that we have shared because of the abrasive passengers, the kwentuhans, asaran, and most especially the bondings, it will all be a good memory to be reminisced. (nukss, im getting dramatic here. haha)

Spending my time here in SV actually made me realize what do I really want to be after college, and that time management is reaaaaally important. :)) 

Above all, i will miss the Naia Terminal 1 itself. I have spent most all of my summer vacation in that place. From recieving my daily pass, to greeting everyone with a smile, to walking around the airport assisting and helping lost passengers, the window shopping at Duty Free, and even the super masakit na paa and the i-need-my-bed-feeling every after duty, haha. I would defenitely miss every single corner of it. 

Bittersweet, but, Kudos to my new found friends at SV. I will surely miss all of you. :') hoping to see you all again in the future. God bless Saudia Team, till we meet again ❤😂


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