Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bohol x City of Friendship

Finally, after a year of not posting or updating any travel related post in this little space of mine, here's my first entry for my #elaitraveldiary this year. :)

If you are following me on instagram, you would see that i have shared a few snapshots from our Bohol escapade, i purposely didn’t share a lot because first, we can’t connect to the website world during our first 3 days, and second is that I am saving those picturesque photos here in the blog. ♥

Our flight bound for Tagbilaran was really early so I'm expecting to see sunrise over the clouds, but were a bit late for check-in and the only seat left for us was the aisle seats. :( I did see the sunrise though, but I just had a peek and didn't capture it on our camera. Maybe next time, i’ll have a full view of it.

Here's what welcomed us up at 38,ooo ft above, a sea of clouds and direct sunshine. haha.

    Aerial view of the Chocolate Hills.

Upon arriving in Tagbilaran City, we went straight to our day tour and explore the City of Friendship of the Philippines. I will be doing a separate blog post for each tourist attractions so for now, stay tuned for my Bohol Touristy photos. :)


Elai ;)


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