Tuesday, January 5, 2016

DarkStar x Emotions

I've been listening to these albums since last night, I don't know how and why but it feels like James Young and Carly Rae Jepsen is translating my emotions and thoughts into words and music. haha!

My most favorite in James Young's Dark Sky is "Habits of My Heart", "Two More Minutes", and "We Won't"

While in Carly Rae's Emotion, I super love it all, but if I were to choose my most favorite, I think it would be "Run Away With Me", "Favorite Colour", "Emotion", "Lets Get Lost", and "Your Type"

Listening to these songs makes my heart flutter and pound in a different way. haha. Well im just sharing my playlist. boredom makes you do weird and talk about nonsense stuffs right?
How about you? What's your favorite album lately? ♥

E L A I.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

What 2015 Has Taught Elaii

Every new year, i seek to it that i have my own set of bucketlist, but since I always fail on crossing out at least half of it, i've decided to just write down the lessons i've learned in 2015. :)

1. The universe is fond of giving out surprises.
One of the life surprises i got last year came in an unexpected time. But as they say, "great things happens when you least expect it".

2. People change, they come and go.
A friend of mine once said to me that "People change, love fades, but memories don't," well i believe in this because we are all busy people with different attitudes, desires, goals and perspective in life. Yes, it will hurt if the people we love wants to move forward and choose a different path from us, but the people who are meant to be with us will choose to stay no matter what. 

3. Everything happens for a reason.
If it doesn't make any sense right now, im sure one day we'll just smile and goo "ahhhhhh, kaya pala nangyare yun dati kasi.." :) So just live in the moment and seize every second because nothing happens the same way twice. 

4. Love yourself first.
Don't settle for less, you know what you deserve and thinking of yourself first doesn't make you a bad person. It only shows that you are strong enough to not depend your happiness on someone else's. 

5. Daydreaming is a break from reality.
When all you feel is pressure, pain and harshness from reality, just close your eyes and imagine everything you've been dreaming of, you can be anything and be with anyone you want, and when you open your eyes again, do everything and your very best to turn those dreams into a reality. 

6. Working out is not that bad.
If you know me so well, I was one of those people who's very lazy when it comes to working out or doing abs exercises. (jogging is an exception.haha) but since i got into boxing, all i wanna do now is wake up every morning, go running and punch my heart out. haha. 

7. Friends are like siblings from another parents.
We all have set of friends we treat as family, and im really thankful to have people who accepts my wierdness (and cuteness!) whom i can laugh out loud with, do clingy poses and remind me that i could count on them even im at my lowest.

6. Pain and heartaches is a necessity. 
Sometimes, its hard for us to acknowledge that we are in pain so we disguise ourselves in a happy face mask. Embrace every pain and dont wipe your tears yet because time heal all wounds. And before you know it, youre not hurting over the same thing again, you've become better, more wiser and more awesome than ever.

7. People will judge you anyway.
People will have a say in whatever you'll do so go ahead and do your thing, held your head high, always wear your invisible crown and show them what you've got and what you're made of.

8. Its okay to make Mistakes.
Nobody's perfect, and if you made some shitty mistakes, know that you're human and its okay, get up and learn from it. 

9. Confidence makes you awesome.
I used to be really shy, my self esteem is really low, i keep all my thoughts to myself and just let people dictate me to do this and that. But with a little push, i began to accept and love every single flaws i have, i think i am now one step closer to being confident. (I am confidently beautiful with a heart. hahaha)

10. Its okay to say NO.
Stop being a people pleaser, if you dont like to do something, dont do it. period.

11. Family will alwaaaaays be there for you no matter what.
Everyone will judge you, hurt you, leave you - but not your family. Sometimes, due to our busy schedules - with work or with school - we often neglect "family time," we also forget that as we grow old, they grow old too. Always make sure that you spend more quality time with your parents and siblings, let them feel that you are thankful to have time in your life.

12. He knows whats best for me.
Sometimes, it seems unfair, i tell him "i dont deserve this," i even question him "why is this happening to me?" Things may be a blur right now, but I know he has greater and bigger plans for me. I trust him and will be always thankful for everything he is giving me - may it be heartaches, pain, happiness, greatness, awesomeness, confusions, cuteness, career, friends, family, love, and blessings - let your will be done lord. iloveyou talaga. hihi❤️

There, am i getting too emotional here? haha! Well as for my 2016 bucket list, i'll just let the universe do its magic, i know that by the end of the year, i'll be looking back at 2016 as one of my greatest year ever! - im claiming it! hihi. ❤️

E L A I.

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