Monday, November 16, 2015

Tara Squad x Laguna

They say that "Unexpected friendships are usually the best ones". I never imagined that I'll have these people as my new set of friends in the workplace and consider as family.  Things were quite blurry on how "TARA SQUAD" began, all I remember was it all started with the word " T-A-R-A" and then we all become inseparable. (hahaha. hi guyths!)

Last month, we - TARA SQUAD - went down South (Laguna City), I can really say that this is one for the books, everything that happened there is just so awesome and great! haha. its like we entered a different dimension because first and foremost, there is zero signal, then we have to cross a river (the current is really strong because there is a typhoon + we are carrying our bags and other stuffs. haha) to get to the house were staying at. And everything is very spontaneous.

What makes this trip more unique is that none of us bother to take lots of pictures, haha. Almost all phones are left in the house because its raining hard and were going swimming and climbing falls.  BUT, YEY for Action Camera's haha!

All we did back there was sleep, eat, play, laugh, bond, shared stories, eat more, and laugh again - there is no dull moments with these people - we hiked, jumped from the falls, eat again, and we all had a great and ah-may-zing time.

I also made a "video documentary" on how our Laguna adventure went.

See Video here: TARA X LAGUNA :) ♥

I super can't wait for Tara's next adventure! hihi. :>

elai :)


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