Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Bucket list ❤

Rereading my 2014 bucket list makes me go “What was I thinking when I was writing this one?” haha, I know what I wrote is all impossible to achieve in just one year especially my Travel Bucket-list, and have crossed out just a few, but this year, I will make sure to do at least half of it. :P So I am rewriting it and adding new “achievable” things to do for this year. :)
 Since I’m turning 22 this year, I’ll just write down 22 things for my bucket list this year. ♥

1. Visit 22 churches/chapels before my 22nd birthday. 

2. Update this blog regularly.

3. Try surfing.

4. Learn to fly a kite.

5. Go mountain hiking.

6. Swim with the fishes.

7. Treat my parents out, with the brother of course.

8. Keep my room clean.

9. Be on time, always.

10. Save up!

11. Hear the mass from the Pope Francis.

12. Learn a new language

13. Dress like the world is my runway. Hahaha. 

14. Boracay beach body. :P

15. Learn 5 new words each day from the dictionary.

16. Cliff Diving!

17. More clingy time with the best friends. 

18. Sleep under the starts.

19. Stronger with Babs ♥

20. Make a stranger smile J

21. Give back.

22. Be more confident, in everything!! 

There, I have a feeling that I would be able to cross out at least half this time. Haha! Im claiming it. :D Aaand,  I can’t believe the fact that I am turning 22 in 2 months! Haha. Im feeling mixed emotions about this but in a good way! Ahhhhhh, How time flies really fast! 

 As For my travel list, I’ll just let spontaneous getaways to happen. But if it’s possible and my time would permits me to, I would like to go to more Beaches this year and take decent blog-worthy outdoor photos. Haha. How about you? What’s your bucket list for this year? 

Elai ;) ♥


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