Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bohol x Man Made Forest (Bilar)

An attraction that doesn't have an entrance fee, but requires a lot of courage and buwis bahay photography skills! haha. We were told that this is the first and only man-made forest in the Philippines and is composed mainly of Mahogany Trees so don't expect to hear birds chirping everywhere.

The ambiance of the place feels like you're part of the Hunger Games or Twilight and even on Maze Runner setup - which is cool because my inner Katniss wants to climb those trees and whistle and fly with the Mocking Jays! haha. - I don't know if its just me, but i find the forest a little eerie but very pleasing and refreshing to my eyes. haha.

When i was googling this place a few days before our actual day tour, i thought that it is a forest where you could go and do picnics and just talk sincerely with your companions, or take the perfect selfies and groupies along the road, i thought that it is similar to Tagaytay's Picnic Groove, or  LaMesa EcoPark where you could just chill and rest and exhale the stresses out of your system.

But boy oh boy, i was wrong! It is a place where fast cars and buses drove at 40kph - 60kph! And you need to be fast and pump your adrenaline because every shot is literally buwis buhay, if you move slow, you'll most likely get the chance of being run over by a car. haha.

This is my most favorite attraction during our stay in Bohol because it pushed my adrenaline and i just laughed so hard everytime were taking a photo, good thing kuya mel is a pro in taking buwis buhay shots! haha.

Cant wait for my next adrenaline rush! : >

Elai. ♥


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