Friday, March 13, 2015

Perfectly Imperfect

When you said something hurtful about an individual and feels guilty afterwards, just think that you are not perfect. That you are a human being who is destined to make mistakes unintentionally and make others feel that you’re a “what-is-wrong-with-you” kind of person. In times like this, saying sorry (with sincerity of course!) is the most simplest but the effective and right way to make things right. It may take a lot of courage to admit that what you did was wrong but it will make things better, and slowly, you’ll feel okay too.
Sharing you words of wisdom from my super-duper great friend, and hope it’ll brighten your day. ♥
“good thing we have to recognize what we really really feel. kasi what you can feel you can heal. Maswerte ka kasi narerecognize mo agad yung bad feelings mo. pag you feel bad. you feel angry or fearful. yung iba dito hinde. binuburry nila yung emotions nila. nakakatakot yun. Nakakakaba. natutunan ko yan while staying here. you've got to confront those negative feelings. and be loving to them. inner child mo kasi yun eh. inner child mo na nakaramdam ng abandonment, neglect, fear ng bata ka pa."  -- Thina Salome.  (Visit her blog too! ♥)

(“good thing we have to recognize what we really really feel. because what you can feel, you can heal. You are lucky to recognize your faults and mistakes, you say it when you feel bad, or angry, and scared. Because some people don’t. They hide and blurry their emotions, those people are scary. You've got to confront those negative feelings, and be loving to them because it is what your inner child feels, an unknown feelings when you were still young, when you feel abandoned or neglected.”)
Life itself is already complicated, and just like what Tadashi Hamada from Big Hero 6 said,

“I just have to look from another angle” ;)

Stay Positive everyone. ♥


Elai :)



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