Monday, November 2, 2015

Sudden Thoughts x Feelings

I’m the kind of person who would rather give out random hugs and be clingy when I’m happy or just keep quiet and not talk to anyone if I’m the opposite. I’m not really good in expressing my thoughts into words, but I just want to try and write down everything that is running on my head at the moment, because even I no longer hear myself.

The past few weeks for me is a constant battle of “what am I doing”, “why am I doing this”, “what will happen next”, “is this the right thing to do”, “who should I follow then”, “why does my heart betrays my mind”, “prioritize this then ignore that” “did I made the right choice” and “what will tomorrow be like”. I didn’t know that feelings could change in just a finger snap, nor even picture myself in this kind of whirl winding emotion. Every day is like a dream that is on fast forward, but would always slowdown and torment me at night. 

I didn’t know that the life that I’ve planned before would turn out differently from what I’ve expected. Whatever the universe wants me to learn today from these sudden thoughts and feelings, i know and I’m really hoping that in a year or two from now, I’m going to look back at this decision and be thankful that this has happened to me.

Cheers for more life surprises! ha ha. ♥

xo, elaii.


  1. Yes. People need this king of person who gives a lot of love to others. Hihi. More surprises Elai. | Spices & Everything Nice

    1. Hi Jeini! :) Yes to more surprises! ❤


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