Friday, March 6, 2015

A Military Wedding #JoyOfRye

A few moths ago, I have witnessed A Military Wedding, and it proved me that true love really exist despite the distance and could survive everything through faith, love and understanding even without communication for weeks or months. #JoyOfRye’s wedding makes me appreciate our soldiers even more especially their fiancé/spouses because they are so fearless for accepting and embracing all their loved ones has to go through just to give service for our country. A big Salute for our own Soldiers and their spouses! ♥♥

Here are some photos I grabbed from my cousin's wedding:


Smiles and true love ♥

What makes this wedding unique? Well after the ceremony in a military wedding, the groom will do whatever his fellow comrades will ask him to, yes that even includes carrying his bride while doing push-ups. haha

Instead of the usual knife for the cutting of cake, they used a sword. So cool right? :)

They also had a special dance wherein the bride danced with the groom's comrades to symbolize that she is now a part of their brotherhood and will always be there for her along with their partners, its like they are welcoming her to their family.

Congratulations to newly-weds kuya Ryedel and ate Joy, and to all those who are getting married this year! enjoy the married life and best wishes! :) 

Elai ;) ♥


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