Thursday, January 9, 2014

Black Nazarene 2014

I was this close to crossing out this one in my bucketlist, we were just a few feet away from the Black Nazarene and a few inches from the Rope. I was really tempted to run and join the crowd in touching him or just try to hold the Lubid, but i wasn't able to do it because my Mama said that its too dangerous and we dont have any experiences with overcrowded moments like that :( Maybe i'll try and prepare for next year or the year after next year. Haha. Who knows right? I might, and maybe Someday, i will.

2014 Bucketlist ❤ :)

For my first blogpost this 2014, i am listing all the things i want to try and achieve, and the places that i want to visit and explore this year. Im crossing my fingers and reallyyyyyyy hoping to cross out at least half of it. :)  i might also update this post once in a while since i know that i will be adding more thingssssssss to try and visit new placesssss this year. haha.

but for now, here's a list to start a few . :)
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