Friday, February 27, 2015

Stop and Count

One of my mantra in my everyday life is to always, ALWAAAYS, look at the positive side of everything. But I guess we all need to have a break from being too optimistic and feel sad at times, so we could learn to grow and know more about ourselves. In times of uneasiness like this, we tend to question the universe such as “Why does it has to be this way?” or “Why are they like that?” or “Where did I go wrong?”.. I think its perfectly fine to feel this way, because, it only shows that you are a human being capable of getting hurt. Just close your eyes, count 1 to ten, inhale love, then exhale hate. Im sure you’ll be fine after doing this :)

I don’t know if these post makes sense to you, but I just need to let this negativity out of my system. And so far, im already feeling better. Hihi. 

 Hoping for everyone to have a fun Friday night! ♥


Elai ;)


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