Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Baccalaureate Mass & Graduation Day

PS. this is a very long post. :D
Congratulations to all Batch 2014 :)

We guys did it! One thing I learned over my graduation Blues is that, when a door closes, the windows are still open, and if the windows are closed as well, use the back door. I have finished my student life chapter in my book, but just like they say, every ending is a new and better beginning. We are now one step closer in reaching our dreams, let us fly high and believe in ourselves that we can do anything possible. That with our determination to succeed, we will conquer anything. :")

Haha. isn't it ironic to hear me say these words? From my old posts, i was sad and saying negative things about what i feel about graduation, but now here i am saying positive words about reaching our goals in life. :) Well, that's what Camp Calye Flight P314 did to me :) And im going to blog about it real soon, since we are not yet allowed to post pictures from the camp so we wouldnt spoil the other campers scheduled for May. :) <3 

So now, here's a photo diary for my Baccalaureate Mass (April 21,2014) and my Graduation Day (April 22, 2014) . :) Enjoy! <3 

Baccalaureate Mass:

    My Inspiration :)

    One last photo with my Alma Matter! ❤

    On our way home, nakasabay namin tong service ng PLM going to PICC, Astig! :D

Graduation Day: 

    Sana - Cumlaude :))

   Soul Friends :") *insert Jem and Jobiee here* 

In my four years in college i never thought that i would be able to do everything at the same time, I have learned to lose a friend, to gain true friends, to be independent, to be scolded, to have a mini heart attack during recitations, to cherish every moment and not to take advantage of education. I also learned to be responsible, to practice time management (although i still fail sometimes. hehe). I learned to take care of myself, i become braver walking along intramuros at nights and ride jeepneys and LRT's by myself without losing my personal things. I beagn to feel more confident of myself, that I could do all things through Faith and hard work. All those sleepless nights, those cramming moments, the surprise quizez and recitations, suspended classes pero late na nasabihan, all the petiks moments, the tears that i have shed, laughter shared, and all the hardworks that i have done along with my friends and blockmates was ALL WORTH IT. I honestly dont want to leave the corners of PLM, it become my second home for the last four years, i didn't even expect or plan to be in this University when I graduated from High School, yet, here I am, A fresh graduate in one of the most respectable universities in Manila, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, sarap pakinggan, sobrang nakaka proud. :") 

This is for you Sexy Mama and Macho Papa! Thankyou for everything, for giving me everything that i need, even the things that i dont deserve, binibigay niyo pa din sakin, Thankyou for taking care of me, for sleeping late just to assist my needs and my school related activities. Words cannot express how thankful I am to be your daughter, I may have disappoint you before, gave you a thousand of reasons to cry, but you never gave up on me, love love love niyo pa din ako :") Hihi. I super do love you both, to infinity and beyond. ❤

For my brother, Kasali ka dito, mag tatampo ka nanaman kasi, haha. Thankyou for being the best bestfriend/kuya/baby brother/wallet/kaaway/kalaro/and everything, you da man! Ikaw na lahat, ikaw na talaga, galingan mo, i know ma aachieve mo din lahat ng dreams mo. haha. iloveyou :) im just like you, you're just like me. Parehas lang tayong baliww :)))

And to you, you know who you are, Thankyou for everything, you have been my mentor and my confidant for the past years, no words can also express how grateful i am to have you. 

Yey! So excited to see what's in store for me. ❤
Thankyou Lord for this wonderful opportunity..
Elijah H. Coloma, College of Tourism, Hotel and Travel Industry Management,
 Student No. 2010-20574, now signing off. :")


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