Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Let your Will be done

Guess what! I passed the initial interview yesterday! Whohooo! *insert happy dance here* One step closer to my dream, hihi. I didn't expect/plan to do something like this back when i was still studying, and i never thought that i will be given an opportunity like this. Well, everything happens for a reason and everybody starts from the bottom, and I know that God is giving me opportunities like this for me to learn and improve my skills and whatever he wants me to improve.

Im hoping that i would nail this final interview later. Let your will be done Lord! Kakaya natin to ng magkasama :) ❤

Sharing you some words of success from my Calendar and Daily Bread Cards. :) 

it seems like my Calender and Daily Bread are speaking to me directly. haha. :D
Wish me luck guys! ❤

Elai :)


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