Saturday, May 10, 2014

Camp Scenery

Ahh, i suddenly remembered our Flight P314, i've never felt this inspired and motivated since i got home from the camp. I miss the ilog, the trees, the chirping birds, the stairs,the 5mins ligo, the grass, the tent, everything from the campsite! Those endless laughters, the tears we have shed, the stories made, the praises and worships from the soul, most especially PepsiViolet! Grabee, in just four days, iba yung naging bond, sobrang SOLID, ang saya lang, sobrang gaan sa pakiramdam na makasama sila, parang meant to be na magsama sama kami. :") Haha! Hello guys,miss ko na kayooo ❤

Here are some sceneries from our camp, all photo credits goes to those who took them, kuya IC, Kuya Godwin, kuya Dan, Kuya JC, and yung iba pa. I just grabbed this from our group. hehe :) 



    Find the frog! :P

    Hello Violet! This is us, complete! Pero mejo malayooo hehe :)

   *Insert ate Mone and JM here* :D

Don't you feel the camping / nature vibe by just looking at these photos? I feel so blessed to be one with God and with nature in those four days, if only i could turn back time or do something like this every month, i would definitely do it! I will post how our camp experience went once all Camp Calye is done ❤

Elai :)


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