Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2014 Bucketlist ❤ UPDATE!

Can you believe it? Year 2014 is 6 months old already, time really flies fast! And its time for me to update my 2014 Bucketlist and see if i was halfway through it. haha!

Graduate College. Photo diary here :) 

~ Fly a Kite.

~ Be confident when speaking in English. (Observing my english proficiency, Im not really that good in speaking in english fluently and when speaking it out orally, i stutter A LOT most of the time! Haha)

Learn and speak a new language, specifically Ilocano and Spanish, or maybe French, or German, Korean, Japanese, and my list goes on. haha :P

~ Boracay Beach Body. No explanation needed, who wouldn't want one right?

~ Receive flowers on an ordinary day. (Surprises makes me Happy. haha. *ehem ehem* )

Maintain the cleanliness in my room and improve the OC-kind-of-person in me. 

Attend a summer camp. Please see my photo diary for this one here :) 

~ Dinner on a cruise with matching fireworks fireworks. 

~ Bungee Jumping!

~ Sleep under the stars again.

~ Get my OJT Certificate. (almost half a year ko na siyang hindi nakukuha. haha)

Make 20 Laps in a 50m pool. 

~ Grow my hair to 30inches.

~ Skydiving

~ Attend a concert

~ Build a giant sand castle.

~ Buy flowers for Mama.

~ Buy something for Papa,

~ Catch a fish.

~ Learn how to surf

~ Learn to say "NO"

~ Learn to play Billiards.

~ Plant a Tree.

~ Send a message in a bottle.

Start your own business. (please do shop @EveryythingNice ^__^ ) 

~ Color Fun Run marathon.

~ Donate blood.

Dance in the rain.

~ Play billiards.

~ Find a job.

For my Wanderlust Dream:

TRAVEL OVERSEAS, i know its impossible for me to cross out at least half from this list this year, but who knows right? Maybe I might (and MUST! Haha) Nothing is Impossible ❤ #praying
   * Japan
   * Korea
   * Paris
   * New York
   * Thailand
   * Egypt
   * Dubai
   * Africa
   * Greece
   * China
   * Spain
   * Disney Land

Quiapo Fiesta *Makasampa sa andas ni Nazareno, or mahawakan yung lubid.  

~ Have a tour around Intramuros. Funny how im studying within the vicinity of Intramuros for 4 years now, and i still haven't got the chance to roam around like tourists do

Visit and explore Boracay. This includes the different activities that i could do there such as Cliff Diving, Parasailing, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Jetskiing, and as usual, my list goes on. haha! 

~ Visit 21 different churches in a month before my 21st birthday. 

~ Visit Palawan's Underground River and the so called magestic Coron. 

~ Baguio, Strawberry Farm ❤


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