Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Stuck x Traffic

Everybody hates traffic, that’s a fact. But right now, I’m a little thankful that I’ve been stuck here along SLEX - C5 exit (while doing nothing for almost an hour already!) Because I was able to shake the kagagahan out of my system and made a few life realizations. Haha. So just for today, yey for traffic! :}

Traffic can make you think of crazy and unnecessary thoughts right? Like you just want to curse and give everyone a bitch resting face, or if only you can make your car fly, you would definitely make it fly in a finger snap. Right now, I am still sandwiched between two scary looking trucks, and as funny as it may sound I made a “hugot” on my situation earlier. Yes I talk to myself at times. Haha. As I shout my heart out “Ano ba yan, lagi na lang akong nasa gitna, lagi na lang ako naiipit, bakit lagi akong ganito” (“Why is that I’m always stuck, I’m always in the middle, Why does it feels like I’m always trapped?”) I immediately laugh at myself for doing nonsense things on my own. HAHA :}
Okay so what I’m pointing out on this “blogpost” I’m “writing” is that I’ve realized that life is so awesome that it would make you feel every emotions known at the same time. You may feel like you’re stuck on doing the same things over and over, in every single day of your life, but hey, keep this in mind, at least you have a healthy body that could stand up for hours in a line for a 15 minute MRT ride, you have a mindset that you will be able to finish the same reports and deadlines because you were able to do it yesterday and last week. AAANND, you could still plaster a happy and bubbly face while dealing with a heartbreak. :P
Even if what you’re doing is repetitive, or you feel like your life doesn’t have any progress at all, it’s still up to you on whether you’ll be happy by the end of the day or not. It’s your everyday choices that makes your day different from yesterday. It's up to you, on whether you'll still be stuck with whatever going on is with your life, or you'll do something about it, look from a different perspective and break free from it.  I hope you’re getting what I’m pointing out here, if not, that’s okay. We're all still awesome anyway. Haha. Just choose to be happy always, talk to big guy up there, and the rest will follow, Keep the faith! hihi. :)

So yeah, that’s just it. It’s time for me to face traffic again.

Be safe always.




E L A I.  



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