Tuesday, March 22, 2016

23 x BirthMonth

March will always be my most favorite month of the year, mainly because it’s my birth month and it makes me feel like summer is just around the corner. Hihi.

Of all the birthday celebrations I’ve had, this year’s been the most simplest so far – don’t get me wrong here, I’M EXTREMELY GRATEFUL that people took effort to plan a surprise for me, I already knew it, naghihintay na lang ako kung kelan ako bibigyan ng cake (assuming I know) pero shocks talaga, nasurprise pa din talaga ako eh! haha! God knows how thankful I am that I’ve got to receive countless birthday greetings and so much love from everyone – people even wrote letters for me! Haha. Im so touched guyths, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you!


The main reason I’m writing here is because I just want to write down the greatest life lessons I’ve learned so far in this universe of ours:

1. Age is just a number.

2. Don’t rush things. Let time do its magic.

3. Pain is inevitable. For every heartbreaks and tears is a lesson that will make you stronger and would build a wiser version of you.

4. Love yourself. You don't know how people adore you, you just have to believe that you are special in your own way. Be confident in everything you do. Trust your instincts. and always wear that Smile!

5. Friends are forever. Cherish them and make the most out of everything together.

6. Family time. Don’t forget that as you grow old, they grow old too. Time spent with family will always be one of the greatest feeling everr.

7. You don’t have to please everyone. Learn to say “no.”

8. Stop overthinking. It will just make things worse.

9. Set your priorities straight. You now know what's right and whats wrong.

10. Judging other people won’t make you awesome. You know their name, not their life story.

11. Insecurity kills. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

12. Life is about choices and you get to decide if you're going to be okay or not.

13. Exercise is a must. You're not getting any younger.

14. People come and go. If people wants and is destined to stay in your life, they will stay.

15. Being single is not so bad after all. Stop whining na "#walangforever". Don't be jealous that your friends are in a relationship while you're not. You'll meet Mr. Right guy someday okay? And just look at the brighter side, you're the one in charge of everything you'll do.
You're living the dream - trust me.

And at this point of your life, there's more to life than love life! (too much redundancy in one sentence. haha sorry)

16. Everything happens for a reason. It doesn't make any sense right now, but someday it will.

17. Lost is a lovely place to find yourself. Alone time makes you realize who you really are and what you really want.

18. It’s okay to make mistakes. No one's perfect.

19. Forgiveness is the key to genuine happiness. Forgive those people who've hurt you in the past. Know how to forgive yourself too when you've hurt someone.

20. Imperfection is an asset. You are unique in your own way, embrace your flaws. Be proud of it.

21. Save up! It might be reaaalllyyyyy hard at first but keep trying.

22. You can’t have it all.

23. Big guy up there will ALWAAAYS be there for you. 

As much as I’m excited with my birth month, I am also looking forward to what April has for me, my April this year is so booked and I just want to fast forward to each and every “adventure” I’m up to. Living life to the fullest! Haha. Take care everyone! Meh loves you all. :)


E L A I.


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