Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Napintas Dijay Pangasinan!

Napintas Dijay Pangasinan is an ilocano term which means, Maganda ang Pangasinan! :) 

Okay so Summer 2014  is officiallyyyy over, and almost everyone is facing the reality of life again, students goes back to school, some are now saying hello again to more stress and paper works, while some are feeling lazy and having a hard time looking for a job. Haha. No more beach outings or spontaneous swimming weekends. Time flies really fast whenever you're having a good time, and before we know it, its already Hello Christmas season again! 
Well since im not doing anything right now, Im going to share our photo diary from our spontaneous trip to Pangasinan last April 2012, yes 2012, two years ago. haha. As far as I can remember we went to Alaminos, Bolinao, Hundred Islands, Anda and many more. The place and the view is so majestic especially at Anda, and if only i could bring the beach home or maybe live near a beach! it would be a dream come true for me!

  Yes we have to do the mandatory jump shot photo! haha.

In case your wondering where this cave is, its an underground cave in Bolinao called Enchanted Cave, it was a little weird and creepy for me at first because we have to go down the narrow entrance of the cave, the stairs are really steep and made of cement so it was kinda slippery and it feels like its not that safe to go down there. But boy oh boy! I don't know if the pictures gave justice to how beautiful the cave is, the place is really magical, the water is pure and very relaxing, the color is emerald and you could see the corals formed over time, i felt like i was Little Mermaid that moment, all i need is my mermaid tail. haha. :D

i don't recommend this place for claustrophobic people and please do not go there during peak season like we did, the place is really crowded and scary. haha. Although, i recommend this Enchanted Cave for adventurous people out there, its a must see! Just please be extra extra careful.

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse!

   We were told that the islands here was actually 100+ :D

The things that i loved the most during this trip is the roadtrip itself, the food, the view, the beach, snorkling, and the crystal blue water especially the water in Anda, its perfection! Hope I could go back there soon. :)

Elai :)


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