Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Not Ready Yet x Boracay Scenery

A few weeks from now, im officially graduating from college, i will have to start my own career and pursue my dreams. I will be facing a new chapter in my life where freedom, consequences, adventures and responsibility will be all rolled into one. Honestly, im quite mentally emotional right now, haha! i feel like im meditating and talking to myself everyday, i don't know how and where to start, its like im in a race where im in the starting line frightened, while everyone is so prepared to run and are just waiting  for the gun to be fired. 
Maybe you call this feeling Graduation Blues? I am so not ready to leave school yet, the expectations that im receiving makes me feel pressured even more. I just want everything to stop or even pause for a while, it feels like the world is in fast forward and i don't know what step should i do next. :(

Okayy, too much sadness for this post alreadyy. haha. Lets not welcome any negative vibes in this blog anymore, shall we? Here are some sceneries we took from our Boracay getaway last weekend. 

Boracay is truly a wonder of nature, everything is so picture perfect, by just looking at the sceneries and even just walking on the beach and feeling the fine sand makes me feel so relaxed and free, it feels like my world and time stopped there, just like what i wanted, but i guess three days is not enough. :( BUT! im still thankful for the opportunity given to me because its not like i can go to boracay whenever i feel like, ( maybe in the future, i will go there once in every three months. Haha.) 

Ahh, i dont know how would i end this post. haha. I will now look back and reminisce our Boracay videos and photos so i could get over this Grauation Blues. :)  Can't wait to be back in Boracay soon <3

Elai :)


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