Sunday, March 16, 2014

Graduation Photos BTS

In a few weeks from now, I will be graduating college aaand im having mixed emotions about it. haha. Im excited, im scared, feeling giddy, and Clueless, thats exactly how i define my self right now, I still dont know what should I do after graduation, or where would i be a few months from now, my goal is really clear and shining bright like a diamond, but i dont know, maybe you call this graduation blues? Haha. im still not ready for the real world. I dont want to leave college yet, i still need to improve my selfconfidence, boost my self esteem more, be confident with everything, and be pretty! Haha. Ive got a lot of things I still need to improve BUT! I know that I can do it, i WILL achieve it, through my determination, with God beside me, i will focus more and accept my flaws and love myself more. Haha. ❤✈🙏

Anywaaay, since Graduation Day is fast approaching, im going to share my BTS Grad pictures, these photos were all taken last year, Novermber 2013.. :) 


Goodluck and Congratulations to all the Graduates of Batch 2014! 
Lets all dream big and aim high. Never forget that prayers could do Magic, God bless! ❤

Elai ;) 


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