Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thesis It

Sleepless nights, stressful days, cramming moments, endless revisions, superb multi tasking, unli kwentuhan, memorable overnights, bankruptcy, data gatherings, going out for surveys, meeting different kinds of people, praying that everything will be alright, non stop preparations, memorizing and studying for defense, and the list goes on. These are just a few of the hardships one would encounter whenever doing a Thesis.

In my case, I am so happy, very lucky, and thankful to have my close friends as my thesis-mates. They did not only taught me the meaning of responsibility but they also taught me that friendship together with trust, love, understanding, and prayer.. we could conquer and achieve anything that is possible. :) 

Since one of my birthday resolutions this year is to update this blog more often, here's a summarized photodiary of our Thesis Making from 3rd year RM I (2012-2013) to 4th yr RM II (2013-2014) ❤

RM I. 

    Why all so serious? 

    Hi Janina! Ano yang pinipicturan mo? Haha.

    Hi Sir Argel :-)

    Selfie with Sir Sam! 

     Defense OOTD. :)

Okay. End part for my Photo Diary for RM I. Mejo throwback post na din to :))

I would like to take this opportunity to say thankyou again to my thesismates, Alexa Barcia, Janina Gan, Charmm Pascual, Ellyyn Sagun and Monicaa G. I owe everything to all of you. :') Through thick and thin, through all sleepless nights, endless revisions and late afternoon meetings. Sobrang worth it, im so thankful that God blessed me with you girls not only as my thesismates but as my true friends as well. :") Yes im getting emotional here. haha.

AAAND, Im very proud to say that with all our efforts, ideas and strong faith, we survived our Research Method 1. *Virtual Hug* 😘 AND, With flying colors pa! :D #BestThesisParaKaySirArgel Haha. #WeLoveyouSir ❤❤ iLoveyou all talaga with all my heart. :)

Seperate post for RM II would be posted up next. ❤

Elaii ;)


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