Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What to do on Hearts Day?

2 more sleep and it will be Valentines Day! Hihi. I know that it will be a day full of flowers, chocolates, and hearts, surprises, romantic songs, and of course, there would be bitterness for some. (Hello to my single friends out there! Im here, I still love you with all my heart and my hairstrands. Haha. #clingy) ❤ 

Valentines Day is NOT exclusively for couples to celebrate. It is a day where you get to express yourself or show the people you love the most feel loved. In my case, i have lots of special people in my life that i cherish and love the most. :))

Okay, so what to do this coming friday? Im not a love expert or anything, this are just my opinion and in my point of view, I dont know if this would be applicable to everyone. haha. 

1) Give out Flowers. This is the first thing that comes in my mind whenever talking about valentines day. Flowers are the main reason which makes the day very kilig and special. Even a self made flower paper, or just picked out in your garden, it could really make someones day complete. :)

2) Chocolates, Cakes, Candies and everything Sweet. (just like Halloween's Trick or Treat. Haha! Kidding)  Its the twin sister of flowers. Chocolates are there to make the day more sweeter. The chocolate doesn't have to be expensive, a Hany Bar or a P20 Goya Bar would do. It really depends on to who will you give the chocolates to, and im sure that whatever you'll  give them, they would still accept them whole heartedly with a kilig kilig feeling because its from you, and will appreciate everything you've prepare because its the effort that really matters most. 

3) Surprises. Im a fan of surprises, It makes me happy and excited because it makes me appreciate the spontaneous things in life. That i get the chance to experience the unexpected things in the universe once in a while. 

4) Go watch a movie. This could be simply done at home with popcorns or junk foods. If you can, go out and watch a movie, or horror films in cinemas, so whenever your partner becomes scared or shocked about what's happening in the movie, you get to hug and hold their hands! And you know what else could happen next. Haha. 

5) Bake / Cook something together. Nothing is much more sweeter than baking something sweet TOGETHER. May it be brownies, or cakes, or whatever you both likes. You could also cook foods for your dinner-for-two when the sun has settle down, and don't forget the music playing in the background for a much more romantic day ender. ;)

6) Go shopping together. This would be in my Date BucketList, okay i just made that up. Haha. Shopping together makes your bonding more stronger, i think? :D  I haven't tried this one yet, but i soon will do. :)) This would be too cute for me because there are only a few guys out there who really can and wants to shop till you drop. 

7) Be fitness buddies for a day. This is for those who are health and body conscious. I think its more fun if you get the chance to go to the gym with your partner, because you get to flaunt that sexy body of yours and impress him/her on how strong you are when it comes to body building. 

Well these are the things I think would be a great day to spend Valentines Day, but as I have said earlier, it is NOT exclusively for couples, you can also spend the day with your barkada, or with your family and have a great time!

You can all hang out to the mall, have a milk tea date, or just stay in school and talk about your crushes, you can do exchange gifts too! But instead of gifts, you could prepare something sweet like a box of chocolates with a letter on how much you appreciate your friend. :) You can also eat together, cook 10 pancit canton and watch a movie on a friends house and laugh all day. 

For lovers out there, make sure that you'll make your partner gets that kilig feeling EVERYDAY! Not only this coming Valentines Day or during your monthsary or anniversaryy. Its not an excuse that you're busy or you have a lot of things to do, or whatever your reason is. If you really love the person you're with right now, you have to make an effort on showing and making them feel that they are loved by you. Make him/her smile, always show and let them feel how much you care to keep that spark burning, yeah? :) 

Just keep your imaginations wild and open. You'll get that perfect Valentines Day, may it be with your boyfriend/girlfriend, your friends, your family, your officemates, your thesis paper, your review notes, or whatever it is. Just dont forget to say a simple thankyou to BigGuy up there, because even if you dont get to receive anything this coming Hearts Day, he would always be there to guide you, to love you, and give you the blessings that no one can ever give you. ❤

Hoping for everyone feel loved this coming Friday, Happy Valentines Day!

PS. Some photos are not mine, so CTO :) 

Elai ❤ :)


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