Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ilocos Experience (Day 1)

A few days ago, we are officially tourism students! haha. we had our First (and hopefully not our last) tour for 3 days at The Northern part of our beloved Philippines, Ilocos Norte! :) I was really excited for this trip because i have a lot of first in this trip, it was my first time to go out of town with my friends / TUTU, second is that it is also my first time to travel up to north without my parents, it is also my first time to budget my money - for pasalubongs, and souviniers shirts, arrange my things, and be responsible for whatever im doing. haha! This tour made me one step ready for being independent. :D

I had a lot of photos taken from our tour, and it was so hard for me to decide on what pictures should i post because every photo is blog-worthy post, haha. So, here's a photo diary of how our Ilocos Experience:

 We had our assembly at 9pm (Feb19,2013) and left at 1am (Feb 20, 2013), so almost everyone is asleep and it was our time to take funny pictures, here's an example:
 Hihi, hello my soul friends! please dont hate me! You know you love me :D

    What a beautiful Sunrise right? Just Breathtaking.

  We had our stop over/breakfast at Jollibee Pangasinan, and i heard that we arrived early, so early that the manager need to contact the crews to get up and go to work early for us, sorry guys! 

Going to Vigan from Pangasinan is about 4 hours so imagine our boredom inside the bus, endless chitchat, endless chismisan, tulugan, kain, kwentuhan, soundtrip, name it, nagawa na ata namin lahat kahit mag tumbling tumbling, haha! Here are some I took while sight seeing outside the window. :)

   At Vigan at last! :) 

 We had our day tour around Vigan, and i didn't get that excited much because it feels like were just around Intramuros, but more safer and cleaner, haha!

  The longaniza was so goooooooood! That i bought 12kilos as pasalubong. hahaha :))

    Yummy Bagnet! :P

After our day tour at Vigan, we headed straight at Fort Ilocandia Hotel to check in and drop our bags and had dinner at La Preciosa. :) 

    *insert Jem Madraso here* :)

After a looooong and fun day, we went to swim! Haha, most fun part of the day :)
We went swimming at around 1030pm, but a few minutes after jumping in the pool, we were told that every after 10pm, it is filled with "so much" chlorine to filter the water and as maintenance. Talk about epic night right? :D

Seperate post for our Day 02 & 03 of Ilocos Experience. ❤

Elai :) 


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