Friday, January 18, 2013

Enchanted Kingdom ❤

Here's one suuuuuuperr late post of mine. haha! :-)) YEY For EK!

Enchanted Kingdom photo diaryyy!! ♥♥

12.22.2012 was one of my greatest day ever in my 2012. Its my first time to be at Enchanted Kingdom. Actually its my second time to be there, BUT! it was my first time to enjoy and get to ride almost every single ride, So im considering it as my first time to be at Enchanted Kingdom. hahaha.

I've been there once when i was 8 or 9yrs old i think? (Thanks to my brothers field trip! ) i have rode their roller coaster.. the small one, i forgot its name. And the jungle log, but sadly, i cant remember riding it. I once seen a picture of me riding the jungle log and the flying fiesta. And as far as i can remember, that's all, just 3 rides and then we went straight back to our designated bus because its time to go home..

OKAY, too much flashback. Last year, Dec.22 2012. Along with my childhood friends and brother, we went to Enchanted Kingdom to enjoy the first day of Christmas Break. :D The moment i arrive at our meeting place, they instantly laugh at me because i didn't pack any extra clothes. So i went back home and exchanged my small bag which only consist of just wallet, cellphone and powder to a medium sized backpack full of extra clothes and slippers. :))) Well, no one could blame me for not bringing any because i am veeeeerryy clueless that time when it comes to Enchanted Kingdom. hahaha.

Now, enough with the chitchat. Im gonna show you now my experience through pictures. :)

Sadly, we weren't able to take the pictures at the Rio Grande and Jungle Log because all of us left our phones at the locker room (too scared to get our phone wet. haha) .. after riding the Flying Fiesta we really rushed to Jungle Log as fast as we can because we are all expecting a lot of people may line up because as we all know, it is one of the most popular ride there and add the fact that it is already christmas break, but to our surprise, there's no long line. Haha! Really cool huh? :D

Anyway, there's no more pictures as the day went on because luckily, the itouch im using for taking pictures got emptied. :( So here are some photos i got from Google. Credits to the owners. :)

of course, i've spent the day with my Childhood friends, 16years of friendship and counting :D

I could totally say that Enchanted Kingdom's Magic really stayed with me. Especially when we rode the EK Extreme (which i call the Tower Drop the moment we enter EK)  buwisbuhaytalaga :D 

and of course their newest ride, the Disk-o-Magic, the almost one hour of waiting in line was soooooooo worth it!

 Can't wait to come back soon! :-)


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