Monday, February 10, 2014

Shell Eco Marathon 2014

A few days ago, Shell had an event about eco friendly cars that was built by college students both in and out of the country. And I am so glad and proud to say that i took part in this event, that i was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the crew that would help the assistance team. It was a surreal kind of experience for me, because first of all, i feel like im in the disney movie "Cars" haha. And because Shell Eco Marathon was held here in Manila, Philippines for the first time! AND, add the fact that this is an international event, who couldn't say no right? ;)

Im not really a big fan of cars, but after this event, i really appreciated how the cars were built, how they are designed, and how they have contributed A LOT to our transportation industry. Imagine everyone walking everyday for long hours just to get to their offices or school or anywhere right? So thankyou inventors! Haha. 

Since im running late for school, i will include photos from the Event later when i get home. Here's a few for now ❤

PS. All Photos are taken using itouch4, so Sorry for the Low Quality photos. :) :( :D


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