Thursday, January 9, 2014

Black Nazarene 2014

I was this close to crossing out this one in my bucketlist, we were just a few feet away from the Black Nazarene and a few inches from the Rope. I was really tempted to run and join the crowd in touching him or just try to hold the Lubid, but i wasn't able to do it because my Mama said that its too dangerous and we dont have any experiences with overcrowded moments like that :( Maybe i'll try and prepare for next year or the year after next year. Haha. Who knows right? I might, and maybe Someday, i will.

isn't it ironic that i just wrote this bucketlist earlier and happens to almost crossed this one out today as well. :")

im considering this one as half done kasi yung face towel na hinagis ko sa andas ni Nazareno, bumalik sakin! My dad said na wag na lang kasi baka hindi na bumalik sakin pero i gave it a try! And guess what, i threw the face towel sa andas at napunas ni kuya yun sa mukha and kamay ni Nazareno! haha. imagine the distance and the people, sobrang surreal, napaka unexpected.  #blessed




ps. sorry for my taglish post, im just too excited and giddy to post this that i dont want to translate my feelings to english. haha. 

photo credits: google image :)

Elai :) ❤


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