Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

To my sexy momma, my bff, my twin sister, my mini wallet, my fashion critic, fitness instructor, house mommy, and a whole lot more! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MA ❤ As much as i wanted to make this long and very dramtic, i'll just keep this greeting sweet and simple (just like you!) Thankyou for everything, especially whenever you prioritize us first before yourself, for all the understanding, and for the long patience you give us every single day to the never ending love and care. 

ps, sorry Ma wala akong gift, next time promise, ako naman mang ii-spoil sainyo ni Papa. :) Iloveyou so much Ma! i'll make you proud soon, kayo ni papa. Smile smile lang, love love love! Look up, look up, shake shake shake. Haha. :* ❤❤

Elai :)


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